Having a baby is like having a bond with happiness that stays with you for a lifetime. It gives your life a meaning, a worth. But there is another reality of life, which is infertility. To help such infertile couples enjoy the joy of parenthood. Ganesh Test Tube Baby Centre, a well equipped, state of art IVF centre was established in the year 2005 in Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad. Since then the expert team of Ganesh Test Tube Baby Centre has changed the lives of many couples by helping them have their own baby.

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Ganesh test tube baby Center is associated with NARCHI. the academy of the wing of NARCHI  Dr. CS Dawn  INDIAN college is affiliated to  international association  for maternal and neo natal health
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Donor Egg Program Embryo Adoption
IVF Key Hole Surgeries
ICSI Cryopreservation
Donor Egg Surrogacy Cryoshipper Program
Gestational Surrogacy Follicular Monitoring
Oldest IVF Center of Ghaziabad having honor of getting Ist IVF/ICSI Baby.
Doctors of Team are trained from Kiel University, Germany.
Experienced Team with In house Embryologist and Outstanding results.
bullet Super ovulation with intra uterine insemination
bullet In vitro fertilization ( test tube baby )
bullet Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (icsi)
bullet Key hole surgery laparoscopic surgery
"Sex Determination
is Banned
according to
Indian law and we don't offer this service."
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